Teluware LLC.
From your warehouse floor to your customers door.

Teluware was founded by John Darienzo to initially market the Teluware GPS tracking portal and the SmartAntenna developed by Reltima, LLC a company Mr. Darienzo founded with his partners Andrew Petrov and Andrei Doudkine.

These three individuals have been working together on large mission critical wireless data applications for the past 25 years. After venturing into the GPS tracking world, it soon became obvious that the market lacked a quality mission critical product with perfect data integrity, total reliability and the performance needed to support mobile data terminals and other devices.
The SmartAntenna and Teluware are the result of 25 years of wireless data expertise along with significant experience manufacturing wireless data capture devices. 

Teluware offers a full line of GPS based products with a wide variety of features and price points. We help customers identify their critical success factors and based on the results we present them with options that match their requirements.

Teluware also offers an extensive line of products and services for fleet based companies. We sell commercial truck alarms and locks, rugged data collections devices and many other products to help our customers ensure that their assets and people are operating at peak efficiency.