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When used in combination with the Smart Antenna, the Teluware Fleet Management Portal and a Data Cable, the NUVI 255W or 465T becomes a two-way messaging and real-time job dispatch terminal. Drivers get their route for the day and can receive dynamic stops. Real-time notification is provided that the driver is in route, arrived and departed the stop. Arrival and departure notifications do not require driver input. These notifications are triggered by geofences. Real-time messaging is also supported between the driver and dispatch. Drivers are prompted for answers using quick response buttons so that driving is not interrupted. See Teluware-Garmin Driver Dispatch in Knowledge Base.
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GPS SmartAntenna Teluware Fleet Mangement Portal Garmin Data Cable Without Traffic
Super sensitive, credit card size GPS device. Requires monthly portal fee and license agreement Teluware's premier GPS based fleet tracking & management system. Monthly portal fee is required. Connects the Garmin NUVI to the Smart Antenna.
Garmin Data Cable With Traffic Garmin NUVI 255W Garmin NUVI 465T
Garmin NUVI 255W
Our Price: $149.00
Garmin NUVI 465T
Our Price: $399.00
Connects the Garmin NUVI to the Smart Antenna. Free lifetime traffic data. Supports Garmin’s 2nd generation Fleet Management Interface (FMI) protocol Garmin Commercial Truck Navigation System